Monday, August 4, 2014

Stretching Myself

Finally I remembered to stretch this morning while I was still in bed. My grandmother (who lived to be 99 1/2) would do this every morning before she got up. 

My Grandparents - Ed & Mildred

How do I know this? Lucky for me, I went to the farm to be with her so my uncle could have a break from caring for her. Her health had deteriorated and it was best for someone to be there. At first, she was upset because she wanted her time alone and didn't want to be fussed over. I think she also thought she had to entertain me. 

I quickly informed her that I wanted her to pretend I was not there. However, if she needed me, to just shout out as I would be on the couch. I then suggested for her to take a nap and ignore me.

Grandma did go lay down and when she woke up she asked me to come to her room. Let me set the stage here. My grandmother was a petite woman of 4 ft nothing I like to say. Very pretty with perhaps the prettiest green eyes you ever did see. (next to my cousin Leah) Her eyes were gleaming and she looked refreshed as she told me how very happy she was that I was there with her. 

Then she told me how she would do stretches everyday before getting out of bed and then showed me her routine. Thank you Grandma! You left this planet in 2006. It is now 2014 and I am now listening. (some things take me a while...)

I often feel her around me and I know she is guiding me. So thanks again Grandma! I love you so very, very much :) 

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