Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weight Loss Solution for Me...and you too I bet!

I have returned with an update and it won't be what anyone is expecting to hear. My intentions were good but obviously I had some more work to do on myself to overcome my obstacles.

What were my obstacles? 

One. Me. Ouch! 

*This photo was taken on Feb 17th, 2014. (I did say I would attach a recent photo) You can't tell I weigh 220 lbs here I bet!

I am bouncing back and going through an awesome program for people like myself right now. But first I want to say that Yes, I am an empath and take on other people's stuff. Often I cannot tell it if is me who is mad or sad or they are.

A really funny example of this is not being able to watch certain TV shows. If I connect and relate to a character then I become them. My body reacts to the predicament they find themselves in as if it was happening to me. Usually this strikes when someone is about to make a fool of themselves.

Colette Baron-Reid (a fellow intuitive) has an online course called -

You can sign up at any time. It is for people who feel too much based on her book by that title.

Video below is about the book Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much. The course follows the book and so, so much more!

Personally, I am really enjoying the information in this course and the support. For example, there are weekly coach calls that you can call in and ask questions. There is a Facebook Group Page!

I love, love, love the meditations!

Speaking from my heart, I really do want people to know about this fabulous course. As a matter of fact, because I haven't been doing all I am supposed to be doing week to week (for 6 weeks) - I have already had a dream that shows me I start all over again and give IT and ME the 100% it deserves. I'm not the only one. I saw someone else post on the Facebook Group Page that they are doing the same.

What really rocks is how Colette gets you to become aware of your "Chatterbox". It is so hilarious how she imitates what a Chatterbox sounds like. Boy can I relate to that.

Anyhow...I am committing here to regular posts and what I am learning wherever I am learning it from and how I am feeling day to day.

I can say that I have not been feeling well for a very long time. It's actually similar to a hung over feeling but very low grade. As if I am missing essential nutrients. It really gets me when I haven't had enough rest.

All aboard!

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