Monday, March 31, 2014

Weight Loss with Fasting

Losing weight by fasting is always nice, however I prefer the other benefits that come with it. There is so much to know about the topic. I can share what I know personally and what I have heard.

I have done The Master Cleanse and have managed to last 3 days on this one and yes, I did feel better. Heaps better. As a matter of fact, my nose stopped running and my energy levels increased.

Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about his experience with this fast on his radio show on HayHouse Radio!

Dr. Wayne Dyer says he goes on this fast 
once every three months for ten days. 

Now if you look at what Dr. Randi Fredricks reports in her book 
Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience that she prefers water fasting. In reading her book I found out in a hurry how many different types of fasts there are and why. Anyhow, this is why she prefers water fasting. "For example, I tend to think that water-only fasting is superior to juice fasting because of the problems associated with juice fasting. Because ketosis does not occur with juice fasting, the body does not get the same respite from glucose as is does with water-only fasting."  (Kindle Locations 533-534).

Then she goes on to show how the Master Cleanse isn't really a fast because of the consumption of substances. I never thought of it that way before. Maybe that is why it is called a cleanse. (Woo hoo! learning and connections made everyday)

K, so here is my plan. I like the Master Cleanse and I love the taste of it so I will start with that one before doing the Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss plan again. However, in the meantime, I am going to keep reading Dr. Fredricks' book about fasting and plan out a real fast based on her recommendations.

It is important to note that you should always check with your Physician. Some people cannot do fasts. There are some you can do that are therapeutic and monitored. Even fasting clinics exist. I didn't know that either.

I was reading over many of the reviews for Dr. Fredricks' book and what jumped out at me was how it helps with one's mental state. If you find yourself feeling depressed for example, fasting can help alleviate that. I know that I can get into the dumps sometimes and it is good to know there is a healthy drug free way to help oneself. 

Onward bound...

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