Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Go Outside & Play!

Tonight I had an excellent time listening to Crystal Andrus & Silken Laumann. Crystal Andrus is the founder of the S.W.A.T institute for which I am a proud Ambassador.

Silken said that visualization is very important. As an Olympic Rower she ought to know! I recently read her book "Unsinkable" and it is fabulous. Gems of knowledge woven throughout.

What I loved about the interview is that it was a genuine conversation with empowering information. For example, when Silken was hurt bad in an accident 10 days before she was to compete in the Olympics, she was visualizing, asking her body to heal itself, only having positive people around her and sending love to her body.

Silken also went on to say that we are disconnected from our bodies. We must tune in and send love to our body parts we say we hate. What we say and feel affects us on a cellular level.

Near the end of the call she spoke of the importance of children getting outside and playing. Not only children will benefit from this though. Those of us over 40 remember what it was like to be playing outside all the time. We must continue that legacy for our children. 

Great call. Here is the link to Silken Lauman's website. And if you wish to learn more about Crystal Andrus and the S.W.A.T institute, click on the picture above or go here.

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